Carving pumpkins is a tradition that many families participate in this time of the year. But if the messy pumpkin guts aren’t your thing here are some no-carve ideas that are fun for the whole family.


Glitter is super easy to use and can create a multitude of different looks depending on the color and texture of the glitter.

To keep the mess contained, try using brown paper shopping bags. By putting the pumpkin inside the bag, it allows you to fully coat the pumpkin with glitter while keeping it contained.

To keep your pumpkin from shedding glitter,  apply a thin coat of a clear spray sealant to lock in glitter particles.

Tip: Glitter can be stubborn to clean up, try using packing tape to pick up the small pieces left behind.



Stencils come in all shapes and sizes allowing you to get pretty creative. Try using a leaf stencil for a uniquely fall look.

Stencils are relatively inexpensive but if you are looking to be extra thrifty, do a simple web search for free stencil printables. There are many web-sites that offer stencils that can be printed off at home for free.



These fine crystals will sweeten up your jack o lantern and give it a unique look.

Sugar is easy to work with, easy to clean up and this craft uses materials you probably already have right at home.

Simply coat the pumpkin in glue and gently roll or sprinkle sugar. The end result will be a pumpkin that will sparkle and shimmer when the light hits it just right.


Chalkboard Paint

2015 has been the year of chalkboard paint. As its popularity has grown so has its availability. The easy-to-use paint is now available in multiple colors and in spray form allowing you to get very creative.

This design is perfect if you can’t decide on just one design. With chalkboard paint, all you need is a damp cloth to change it up.


Craft Tape

Easy and relatively mess-free, craft tape is becoming a hot new trend in crafting. Tape now comes in many different varieties of patterns and colors.

This craft only requires a pair of scissors and a roll of tape, which is easily available at any craft store and some larger grocery stores.


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