While the ocean or lake may be refreshing, natural bodies of water are unfortunately not the best stain solver. Sure, they can wash away layers of sticky sand, but won’t offer too much help with a pesky sunscreen mishap on your favorite swimsuit. Moreover, since swimwear isn’t your everyday material, proper care is essential. Composed of nylon, swimsuits are smooth and lightweight. Proper care can help prevent shrinkage and wrinkles, so don’t let your next trip to the beach be your last. As always, first check the care label on your clothing, then follow with our tips.

Suntan lotion spread to the suit?

If it has bright-colors, check an invisible corner to be sure that the treatment you choose will not affect it. Next, remove any excess lotion with the back of a butter knife or a spoon, then soak the stained area in a mixture of detergent and water. Follow with a wash in the warmest water possible for the fabric, and if necessary, follow-up with a wash in color-safe bleach. Finish with an air dry and check the suit carefully for any residue before you run it through the dryer.

Hot weather lead to sweat stains?

Soak the suit in a mixture of detergent and water for up to 30 minutes before washing it in the warmest water safe for it. Repeat the treatment if necessary, or follow-up with a wash in color-safe bleach. Before placing the suit in the dryer, make sure to air dry it to make sure the stain is gone. Keep in mind that sometimes perspiration stains are not sweat at all, but rather caused by ingredients in deodorant. If the above treatment offers no help, a laundry rust remover could be used on white garments. Be sure to follow package directions carefully.

Sand not wash away?

First, brush away any excess sand off of the suit, then rinse in cold water to flush out the soils. Next,
wash in the warmest water safe for the suit, then follow-up with a wash in color-safe bleach for colors or
liquid chlorine bleach for whites, if necessary. Air dry and check the suit for any remaining stain. Repeat
the procedure if necessary before you place it in the dryer.

Have fun outside!